How to Increase Penis Size? Best Natural Exercises to Grow Penis

How to Increase Penis Size? Best Natural Exercises to Grow Penis

Most of the boys have this ego that the bigger the penis, the more fun it will be to have sex, and the better the sex life will be. Well, the truth is that most girls want their partner’s penis to be long and thick, so that they can enjoy sex more. So how can you increase penis size?

You can do penis stretching using your hands or devices. Does this really happen? Do such several tools or exercises Grow Penis Size, Or is this just a myth? Well, this article is based on the results of recent research. Let’s dig deep into the topic.

How Can You Increase the Size of Penis?

Penis stretching is a process of combination of various techniques and exercise, all of them has one single approach. These can include a message, or cream, tablet, pills, and other natural exercise to grow penis size.

Do these really work? Well, there is a more positive probability that you can increase your penis size by continuing things that suit you perfectly. Moreover, most of the sex experts state that “it is the width of a penis that women crave for rather than its length”.

Since, it is mostly seen that applying cream on the penis or taking pills for the penis growth are side effects with increasing age. To avoid this, it is better that you do natural exercises and stay away from such useless medicines to thicken the penis.

However, sex experts have suggested some exercises to enlarge the penis, with the help of which you can make your penis thicker and longer.

5 Best Natural Exercises to How to Grow Penis Size

There are 5 Best Exercises to Increase Penis Size. These are natural exercises which are easy to perform and learn. Such regular positive efforts can make your dick look longer and thicker after a few weeks.

Still, Most common and simple home remedy is by massaging your penis gently using lubricants or oil. Here are some learnings that will help you make a thicker penis and have the benefit of.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel’s exercises or also known as pelvic floor exercises are best suited during the time of sexual performance. It is a kind of knead performance where you will need to use your hands to gently rub the penis before sex. This exercise helps in increasing penis size and thickness. These exercises are named after Dr. Arnold Kegel.

How to perform these exercises?

Steps to do this exercise:

Hold the Dick with one hand and gently rub it.

Let loose if there is an erection.

Increase Penis Size by Kegel Exercise

Penis Pump Exercise

This Penis stretching device is used to enlarge your dick. To do so your penis needs to be attached to the dick and it will create instant erection. This is prescribed by specialists for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

How to perform this exercise?

Steps to do this exercise:

Firstly, apply a lubricant on penis to avoid unnecessary burns.

Next, Place the tube over the head of your dick. 

Lastly, Turn it on and this device that increases penis size takes a few minutes for an erection to happen.


Jelqing Exercise

The term Jelqing refers to a set of penis stretching exercises that some of the sex experts accept can make the penis bigger. This is the most common Natural Exercise to Grow Penis among men. It helps in firmer the penis, a simple and easy effort to make your dick thicker. In order to increase penis size, Experts recommended that you definitely require do it on regular basis. Jelqing exercise provides better and long lasting erection benefits in a healthy sex life.

How to perform this exercise?

Steps to do this exercise:

Put both hands on the dick and gradually move it from top to bottom.

Consider heating up the penis before it erects.


Massage Exercise

This is the most common manual Exercise, lubricant or oil is applied on the penis and massaged gently. Of course Massaging is intended to stimulate the penis which will thereby aid in the enlargement of the penis. You need to continuously do it in order to achieve faster results. It is the most common way to get satisfaction and enjoy self pleasure.

How to perform this exercise?

Steps to do this exercise:

Apply Lube on the Penis

Put your hand on it and move the hand up and down gently, mostly upward.


Stretching Penis Exercise

Stretching your penis may be fun, however it is similar to milking a cow. In fact, like literally you will feel you are milking the cow. This is the Best Natural Exercises to How to Grow Penis Size that can aid in faster results. This is like a jelqing exercise, but it uses only your thumb and index finger.

How to perform this exercise?

Steps to do this exercise:

Use your thumb and index finger to make an “Okay sign”.

After making that, put your hand on the top of penis and slide the skin from top to bottom.

Do it at least for 20-30 minutes, but do not jerk off.

If you feel erection, let the penis relax and continue after a few minutes.

Repeat this exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday.


You can enlarge your penis by continuously repeating such exercises with discipline. These exercises are the best natural exercises to Increase Penis Size. Some of them may be faster in result depending upon the time period of time. Making a Thick Dick may come with various challenges, like self doubt and overthinking, shame in bed, etc. Avoid using pills and creams, chemicals often result in irritation or side effects.


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