Morning Sex, What About New In This

If you want to improve your morning sex life, here are some points which you can follow.

Better Morning Sex, De-Stress Before You Get Up

Get up early and start your day by relieving stress through exercise. When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which makes you feel tired and sluggish all day long. And refusing to exercise when you’re stressed can also lead to depression.

Exercise before you sleep, including adding some cardio into your routine. Grab your exercise Morning Sex equipment, for example a treadmill or a bike, and go for a 10km run/cycle/hike which will leave you with enough energy for sex in the evening. You can also do leg exercising exercises such as squats and lunges.

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Deal with a Weekend Hangover

Wake up early on weekends to avoid a hangover (if you’re not hangover yet)

A hangover is when your body is not able to fully break down alcohol, causing it to stay in the system for much longer than usual. Alcohol causes the brain to release endorphins which can make you feel good, but it also causes dehydration, which makes you thirsty. A hangover can cause erectile dysfunction in men Morning Sex Life and non-ejaculatory orgasms in women.

*Avoid drinking too much alcoholic drinks such as long island iced teas or even alcohol itself (e.g. cocktails)

*If you do drink too much, try drinking plenty of water all night to rehydrate your body overnight and reduce the chance of not being able to ejaculate later that day.

*You can also drink a sports drink before you go to bed, which will help your muscles stay hydrated throughout the night.

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Is It Better To Have Morning Sex?

Everyone has a different time of day to have sex. Morning sex is better for some people than night sex for others. However, in general, it might be better to have sex in the morning because many people have higher levels of testosterone and estrogen, two hormones that affect sexual desire, at the beginning of the day. That means you’ll be more in the mood and probably have more Enjoyable Sex in the Morning.

Sex Hormones Are Higher In The Morning?

AASECT-certified sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman, M.A., tells mbg, “You might just have an easier time getting aroused in the morning than you do at night, thanks to your hormones.”

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Testosterone levels in men and men with penises replenish overnight, which means that they are usually at their highest level in the morning and at their lowest level at night. “Their hormonal pattern follows the circadian rhythm,” says hormone specialist Alisa Vitti, who founded The FLO Living Hormone Center and wrote In the Flo, to mbg. While they sleep, they produce all of their testosterone for the following day, and upon waking, they have the highest blood serum concentration of that hormone.

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Sex In The Morning Boosts Your Productivity

Thousand people, who were in relationships and living with their partners, were subjected to a recent survey by Mattress Advisor, which was probably not the most scientific study ever done. 37% of men reported never having sex in the morning, while 63% of women said never. Gay and bisexual men were more likely to have Sex in the Morning, which partly explains the discrepant number between genders.

53% of men in the study said a morning romp improved their daytime output. It makes sense given that studies have shown that sex makes you more content at work. The percentage of women was a little lower, with only 45% saying they were more productive.

Remarkably, only 12% of women and 7% of men claimed that having sex in the morning decreased their productivity. The remaining participants stated that having sex in the morning has no effect on their productivity.

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If You Have a Morning Sex Problem, This Could Be Helpful For You

What problems are there with morning sex? Morning Sex can be very difficult and challenging to maintain. If you live in a city or in close proximity to other people, things might get really quiet at night, which causes more noise complaints. You might find it difficult to focus on what’s happening because your housemates and everyone else might be sleeping around you. It’s also difficult when you need to work or take care of children. You have to get up before everyone else and go through the house, which can be very tiring.