Top 10 Sex Positions That Make Your Sex More Passionate

Top 10 Sex Positions That Make Your Sex More Passionate

Are you ready to turn up the hotness with tempting secrets about which sex positions men crave the most? Well, it is a lot of fun to get your pussy fucked in different sex positions. By doing this the sex time increases and you can enjoy sex for a longer time. To enjoy sex to the fullest, you need to know about these Top 10 Sex Positions. These ways of having sex help you to last longer in Bed for Both. These are the top 10 sex positions that you must know for a better sensational experience.

If you are one of those who is not able to get complete satisfaction from your partner and your partner suffering from premature ejaculation? In such a situation, you do not get satisfaction after having sex with your partner, due to which your partner also remains to bring in an additional layer of anxiety. So my friend, you need to know about the Best Top 10 Sex Positions For Him, so that your partner can fuck you for a longer time.

Best 10 Sex Positions and How to Do Them

  1. Cowgirl / Reverse Cowgirl Sex
  2. Spooning in Bed
  3. The Yab-Yum Position
  4. The Chairman Grind
  5. Grinding Missionary
  6. The Standing Ovation
  7. 69
  8. The Wheelbarrow
  9. Doggy Style / The Leapfrog
  10. The Spread Eagle

Here are the TOP 10 most prominent sex positions for more sensual fun in bed. These are those sex positions with the help of which your partner will be able to have sex with you for a longer period of time. Finally, doctors also agree that having sex for longer periods of time makes you more satisfied.

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl are Top Sex Positions For Long Lasting

Cowgirl and Reverse cowgirl are major positions to enjoy sex. In both, you sit on your partner and put the penis inside your vagina and move it in and out. While doing this, your face is towards your sex partner and you can enjoy sex in a more erotic way by making eye contact with your partner.

Cowgirl Position of Sex

To make it comfortable, first of all make your partner lie down by gently pushing him, then sit on his thighs and insert his penis into your pussy with one hand. While doing this, if you apply your spit on the penis, it will easily enter your vagina, which will cause pain in your vagina also.


Similarly, reverse cowgirl also happens. In this position, while having sex, your face is like your sex partner’s legs and your hair is like his/her face. Therefore, this sex position is called reverse cowgirl. By jumping high in reverse cowgirl, you can enjoy sex with great comfort to your vagina.

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position
Lastly, While doing this, you can enjoy sex for a long time by jumping straight up looking at the ceiling. That is why these Lovemaking Positions are considered as one of the Top 10 Sex Positions You Must Know.

Spooning Sex Position More Intimate Lovemaking in Bed With Slow and Effort Less Sex

Spooning sex position is one of the effort less but most pleasurable positions in bed for long lasting sex. This sex position considered as, you are having sex late at night while sleeping. In this position, your partner sits side by side behind you, this can be called cuddling.

Spooning Position for Lovemaking
However, in this position, your partner’s penis enters your vagina from behind you. Both your buttocks touch your partner’s thighs properly. Romanticism is also at its peak in spooning position and also in this position you can enjoy sex for a long time. There is a lot of grandeur in this love making. This is why, Spooning is also one of the top 10 sex positions.

The Yab-Yum Act of Love Imitate Tantric Gods

The Yab-Yum Position is one of the difficult lovemaking positions at the same time hard to maintain but the ultimate erotic position. Understand The Yab-Yum Sex Position as if your partner is sitting on the bed or on the floor, and you are sitting in front of him with your hips spread.

The Yab-Yum Sex position

By doing this the penis enters your vagina from the front and you can enjoy sex even more by seeing each other’s reaction face to face. You can have sex by tightening your thighs behind your partner to take the penis inside you better.

The Yab-Yum Sex Position is a Best Tantric Sex Position originally found primarily in Tibet and Nepal. This way of having sex indicates that you become one soul even after having two bodies. That’s why this sex position is one of the finest positions in Lovemaking.

Grinding Missionary Classic Best Lovemaking Position

Grinding Missionary Sex Position is the best sex position to have lovemaking with finest intimacy. This is one of the best positions to be dominated by your male partner. In this position, your partner enters your vagina while dominating you very well. To achieve horniness first you need to Lie down on the bed or floor and let him penetrate from front while having kisses all over. You can get extra by reacting to each other.

Grinding Missionary Sex position

Applaud Your Partner Performance With The Standing Ovation

Let him stay in there and continue giving you shots while standing. Let me tell you this is a decent position for deep penetration in your pussy. However, The Standing Ovation Sex Position is very similar to the table top sex position.

The Standing Ovation Sex position

In this lovemaking activity, you lie on the bed or on the table and your partner stands on one side of the bed. While doing this, both your pairs are on the partner’s shoulders like a spread eagle and he enters you very comfortably. In this lovemaking position you enjoy sex in full lustfulness.

69 The Extremely Sensual Sex Positions

69 is an extremely sensual sex position in which you and your male partner lick each other. This is a precious process of licking in which you and your partner force your vagina to release water. This sex position is very popular and young people enjoy a lot of lovemaking sex positions. since you get the best sense of sensation it comes in the top 10 sex positions.

69 Sex Positions

What you have to do is that you place your vagina on your partner’s mouth and at the same time you lick your partner’s penis. Think of it like 6 and 9 are placed in front of each other. This position of sucking and licking is capable of giving you extreme pleasure. Also, once you get used to it, your partner will be able to support you in sex for a longer time.

Get Around on Floor with The Wheelbarrow Sex Position

How does this lovemaking position make your sex more passionate? Well, The Wheelbarrow sex position can help you to explore the new ways to feel deep down tere. The Wheelbarrow Position is slightly tough to maintain but helps you to get the best efforts from him.

The Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The Wheelbarrow needs effort to make and it is hard to get into. However, Because of this stiffness it gives maximum pleasure. You can create this position by placing your hands on the floor, putting all the weight on your hands and by wrapping your legs on his thighs, you can take his penis inside you.


While doing wheelbarrow, full support of your partner is also require, he needs to holds your legs and keeps them in the air. The sex position being so difficult makes it possible to have sex for a longer period of time.

Doggy Style/ The Leapfrog Position Take Your Play in The Heaven

Doggy style or The Leapfrog Position is almost the same sex position for receiving from behind. However, the only difference is that when you are in Doggy Style you remain stationary on the bed or on the floor, but in Leapfrog your chest leaps on the bed like a frog.

Doggy Style Sex position

The Leapfrog Sex Position is more preferred among those who want to enjoy it slowly and effortlessly. Likewise, if you want him to go wild you can take him from behind and show him how much destruction he can wreak in your pussy.

The Spread Eagle Position of Lovemaking

Last in the List The Spread Eagle Position is one the best positions to get full penetration. In some cases practice classes can be a drag, however with this you can skirt your typical yoga stream as you make certain to get all the extension you really want – furthermore, some profound entrance. Try out your adaptability with this hot position.

The Spread Eagle Position of Lovemaking

In this position, lie down on the bed and let your partner stay on top of you. Then lift your legs into the air toward the ceiling like an eagle spreading its wings. By doing this you can take the entire part of the penis inside you.

That is why The Spread Eagle position is one of the Top 10 Sex Positions in the World. Especially among the amateur couples for better enjoyment and fun.

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In the end all we can say is these are Top Sex Positions for Better lustfulness enjoyment of sex and that is why these all are well known sex positions. These sex positions need to be explored and you should try it with your partner today.

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