What is Libido? Sex Drive in Men and Women

What is Libido? Explaining Sex Drive in Men and Women

Libido is nothing but a human’s sex drive, an emotion or affection to have sex or romance or the interest in engaging in sexual activity. A human desires to have sex is depends on a person’s medical conditions, hormone levels, medications, lifestyle and relationship problems. Sex Drive of men or women can be good and excellent for a period of time. However, high sex drive is the sign of low stress, High self esteem, and an empty & happy mind.

However, It is often seen in new couples that they are always excited to have sex. But after some time passes, their sexual desire gradually starts decreasing. On the other hand, couples may be too busy due to stress of work to even think about having sex. If you also have low libido and are worried about your sex drive. Then you need to seek professional help. Low Sex Drive in Men can cause sexual problems in their life. It often creates relationship complications between you and your partner.

What is Libido in Women?

What is Libido in women? Firstly, sex drive in women is also similar to that of men. However, Libido in Women can take place due to various causes. These are different reasons for women’s sex interest. Libido in Women happens due to their sex drive or sexual instinct and pleasure. Her libido is also known as “A women’s sex Drive”. Sex Drive differs from lady to lady and depends on various ranges of different components. Loss or lessening of sex drive can be encountered at any age and may result in low desire to have sex.

What is Libido in Men?

Almost every man experiences ups and downs in their sexual drive, or desire. Libido in Men can happen due to loss in their sexual desire during the period of life. Low Sex Drive in Men is normal due to loss in sexual interest periodically. It is normal for men to drop sexual interest from time to time due to low sexual interest.

However, men can overcome low sexual desire by constantly consuming Male Libido Booster Capsules. Minor drop in libido can be due to changes in relationships, work or family obligations, or other life experiences.

What is the Root Cause of Affecting Male Sex Drive?

There are some medical conditions that can cause him low sex drive are:

  • Premature Ejaculation – Premature ejaculation is another reason affecting Male Sex Drive. The lack of control over discharge can destroy sexual satisfaction in life as well as it affects your partner.
  • Hormonal Changes – as a man ages, the testosterone levels slowly decrease as the result of low sexual drive.
  • Delay Ejaculation – Not being able to reach orgasm in sexual activities causes Low Sex Drive in Male.
  • Impotence – A shameful period in a man’s life when he is unable to have sex. Not being able to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for sex.

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Sexual Deficiency Due to Low Libido in Men and Women

Due to Low Sex Drive, you may face many shortcomings. Sexual deficiency due to Low Sex Drive has a very bad effect on your personal and professional life. However, there is no need to panic, low libido is not a disease, it happens to everyone sometimes. Low Sex Drive is often found in both men and women. Male can use Libido Booster For Men to increase their low sex drive. Whereas, women can use Female Libido Booster to increase sex drive during pregnancy or breastfeeding.